Outdoor Adventuring Over 50 For Beginners

Better late than never

Outdoor adventuring over 50 for beginners. It’s not too late to get started! Are you thinking about getting out into nature and planning some new adventures? As two 50-somethings, we hope to share our experiences with you to get you thinking about what is possible. Nothing extreme – just getting out there and having fun.
What does it take to get out and have adventures when you are past 50 years old? This beginner’s presentation will answer all of your questions, or at least get you thinking! From safety and comfort to Leave No Trace, Vince and Stacie will share their simple approach to getting started and get you ready for fun. With the proven health and wellness benefits of outdoor recreation, don’t miss out. Starting with day hikes and paddles, up to planning overnight excursions, you will be equipped with a practical can-do philosophy for gaining experience and confidence outdoors. Also included will be tips for encouraging your non-adventurous partner to join you on your journeys. Vince and Stacie Sadowski have a combined three decades of experience with backcountry camping, backpacking, canoeing, and kayaking. Vince is a DIY gear enthusiast, seasoned outdoorsman, and navigator. Stacie is an outdoor writer, naturalist, and a Leave No Trace Certified Trainer. Annually, they hammock camp on several extended trips, traveling by boots and boats. They are co-creators of Two Weeks in a Hammock, an educational initiative to inspire regular folks to get out into nature. As two middle-aged people with average fitness levels and more time than money, they model an active lifestyle of adventure. Originally recorded for Canoecopia 2022.
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