Outdoor Adventuring

Get outdoors and change your perspective

View from the hammock

Trees Hammock and Tent Camping

Get comfy in a hammock! Learn about food planning, shelter gear (hammock or tent), and clothing recommendations. Plan your trip. 

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Hiking past a cairn

Trails Hiking and Exploring

Safety and planning are key to a good trip. Know where to find maps, resources, and gear reviews. "Hike your own hike" is a principle to always keep expectations realistic and get the most enjoyment. 

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Kayaking a river

Water Kayaking and Canoeing

Whether it's a day trip or a two week camping adventure, kayaking and canoeing will take you to new places. Learn how to plan for an outing, and always keep "safety first!"

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footprints on the beach

Sand Wilderness Ethics

Leave no trace principles are essential for preserving our public lands. Before you venture out, learn what you need to do to be a good steward of the land.

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