North Manitou Island History

One of two islands in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, NMI is both naturally beautiful and historically significant. Visiting the island with its historic structures and ruins, agricultural landscapes, and hidden abandoned roads gives a sense of stepping back in time.

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  • Anishinaabeg land until treaties of 1836 and 1855
  • Logging Era 1840-1920 (continued to 1980)
  • Maritime History, Lifesaving Station and Lighthouse 1890-1940
  • Farming Era 1880-1940
  • Cottage Row Summer Residents 1890-1940
  • Manitou Island Association 1940-1980
  • National Park Service 1970 (1984 for Island)

Dates approximate by decade

Crescent City Vintage Postcard E Beebe
Cottage Row Vintage Postcard E Beebe