Voices of North Manitou Series: Bob and Sara Zielesch

Join us for another episode of Voices of North Manitou. Bob and Sara spent many years vacationing on North Manitou Island during the 60s and 70s, and came back as campers in the 90s, and became long-serving volunteers. Step back in time with Bob and Sara on North Manitou Island. Bob’s father was the accountant for the Manitou Island Association, bringing the whole family for a vacation every year during his annual business audit. Sara began coming with the family while dating Bob, and later when they married they brought their first daughter with them. After the island ownership was transferred to the National Park Service, many years passed before they were able to return. A chance camping trip with their youngest daughter’s class brought them back in the 90s, and coming back each year since. Hear stories about the Manitou Island Association and the Angell Foundation, the Zielesch family connection to the business, caretakers Marv and Arlene Fluelling, Military meetings, archeology research, and changes to the buildings and historic homesteads of the island over time, including their favorite spots.

This Voices of North Manitou series of oral history interviews will take you back in time, to learn about life on North Manitou Island. The island is now part of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore in Michigan.

Photos courtesy of: Bob and Sara Zielesch, with a few from Stacie Longwell Sadowski.

Map of North Manitou Locations: CLICK HERE

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