Black Diamond Trekking Poles Unboxing and Review

Black Diamond PolesJoin me for this unboxing and review of Black Diamond Women’s Alpine Carbon Cork Trekking Poles. The adjustable clips are easy to use and the tension can be adjusted with a small tool that came with the set. These poles feature cork handles have an ergonomic shape and are comfortable to grip on long hikes. These tips can be swapped out, but I am pleased with the original carbide tips. Lastly, the carbon fiber shaft makes for a strong and reliable pole, while being lightweight and packable.

Before purchasing these poles, I have been using the same poles for more than 9 years. Those were purchased from a garage sale for five dollars and were fixed-length ski poles. I still keep them to use as a back up, and they are fine, just not great for hiking. the tips were not intended for summer hiking, and didn’t have a good solid interface with the ground. They made me feel uncertain about stability, as the tip would occasionally slip out from under me. These new poles have a much more solid feel and are great for all weather use.


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