Want to learn some new outdoor skills? Try hammock camping. Get outside and enjoy your summer!

Curious about how to get started hammock camping? This presentation will review the basics: the advantages and disadvantages to hammocks, equipment that you can buy or make, safety tips, and Leave No Trace principles. Either for use as a primary shelter, or just an occasional add-on, hammock camping will expand your fun and comfort outdoors. Avoid common mistakes and misconceptions about hammocks. Learn about different hammock styles, sleeping positions, and yes – even sleeping with two people or pets! From choosing your trees to choosing your straps, change your perspective and try something new.

Vince and Stacie Sadowski have a combined three decades of experience with backcountry camping, backpacking, canoeing, and kayaking. Vince is a DIY gear enthusiast, seasoned outdoorsman, and navigator. Stacie is an outdoor writer, naturalist, and a Leave No Trace Certified Trainer. Annually, they hammock camp on several extended trips, traveling by boots and boats. They are co-creators of Two Weeks in a Hammock, an educational initiative to inspire regular folks to get out into nature. As two middle-aged people with average fitness levels and more time than money, they model an active lifestyle of adventure. Originally recorded for Canoecopia 2022.

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