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Hammock Camping 101

By Stacie / July 7, 2022 / Comments Off on Hammock Camping 101

Want to learn some new outdoor skills? Try hammock camping. Get outside and enjoy your summer! Curious about how to get started hammock camping? This presentation will review the basics: the advantages and disadvantages to hammocks, equipment that you can buy or make, safety tips, and Leave No Trace principles. Either for use as a…

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Indoor hammock stand

DIY Indoor Hammock Stand and Tablecloth Hammock

By Stacie / December 4, 2021 / Comments Off on DIY Indoor Hammock Stand and Tablecloth Hammock

Love using your hammock and wish you could sleep in it at home? Check out our DIY indoor hammock stand in this video from our family room. Also included is a tour of our tablecloth hammock. Well winter is almost here! When not out camping, we like to set up the hammock at home on…

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