DIY Indoor Hammock Stand and Tablecloth Hammock

Love using your hammock and wish you could sleep in it at home? Check out our DIY indoor hammock stand in this video from our family room. Also included is a tour of our tablecloth hammock.

Well winter is almost here! When not out camping, we like to set up the hammock at home on our DIY indoor hammock stand that Vince built. Check out this video to see how it works, and get an upclose look at the hammock he built that we use on all of our trips.

Our number one question at Two Weeks in a Hammock is about our gear. This DIY hammock stand is made with 2×4 boards and some simple hardware. The DIY hammock is made from a tablecloth. Enjoying our hammock at home is a great way to get extra use out of our gear. The hammock stand is also used for testing new DIY hammocks as Vince builds them.

See the hammock set up with the full bugnet tarp HERE

Our underquilt is manufactured by a local small business, Underground Quilts, UGQ Outdoor LLC.