Mason Chapel on the Au Sable River

One of the joys of kayaking is exploring along the river! Here is a short video from our visit to the Mason Chapel on the Au Sable River near GrayliMason Chapel on the Au Sable Riverng, MI. This was a beautiful stop on our 5 day kayaking camping trip last summer. If you are going to be on the south branch of the Au Sable this summer, it is worth the stop.

Step inside this beautiful open air chapel on the Au Sable River with us. It can be reached by car or by boat, sitting on land donated by George Mason, now part of the Mason Tract. When kayaking on the river, it is a beautiful spot for a break. It has been called the most peaceful and secluded chapel in Michigan. Learn how to find it HERE.

I love this spot, and the whole area! The Au Sable is such a nice location for either day trips or multiday kayak/canoe camping. If you haven’t been, add this to your trip wish list. There are opportunites for day paddling, or varying lengths of overnight trips, with campgrounds along the way. Learn more about visiting this area HERE.
Never done a river kayak/canoe camping trip? It is a wonderful way to combine your paddling with your camping, especially with a group of friends. We have an annual friends group trip that we take, varying the locations around the region. It is one of the highlights of our summer. For tips on packing for a Kayak Trip CLICK HERE!