Meditations on Nature

chapel in the woods

Mason Chapel on the Au Sable River

By Stacie / March 23, 2022 / Comments Off on Mason Chapel on the Au Sable River

One of the joys of kayaking is exploring along the river! Here is a short video from our visit to the Mason Chapel on the Au Sable River near Grayling, MI. This was a beautiful stop on our 5 day kayaking camping trip last summer. If you are going to be on the south branch…

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The Invitation

By Stacie / September 10, 2021 / Comments Off on The Invitation

The trees, rocks, shoreline passing by from the kayak on the river. The rise and fall of the canoe paddle in the lake to a four count rhythm, catching the beat of the universe, as old as time. The feel of the soft sticky mud as I get out of my boat and step into…

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Stacie by Pilgrim Haven sign

Pilgrimage to Pilgrim Haven

By Stacie / June 2, 2021 / Comments Off on Pilgrimage to Pilgrim Haven

Visiting Pilgrim Haven Last week, I visited Pilgrim Haven Natural Area near South Haven for a day hike. The Pilgrim Haven Natural Area is part of the Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy (SWMLC), having been set aside through a generous donation by a local philanthropist Suzanne Upjohn Parish. After decades of sitting idle, this special property…

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Park Lake

Renewing of the Mind

By Stacie / March 7, 2021 / Comments Off on Renewing of the Mind

Stacie Longwell Sadowski We spent the evening out on the water tonight.  This is our third trip around the area with our new boats – actually loaner boats while we wait for the new ones to come in.  There is something transforming about spending time in silence gliding over the water’s surface, meeting and surprising…

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Lake Michigan at Pilgrim Haven

Forgive Us Our Trespasses

By Stacie / March 7, 2021 / Comments Off on Forgive Us Our Trespasses

Stacie Longwell Sadowski There is one beach, among all the Lake Michigan beaches I know, that holds special spiritual sway with me.  So much that I have not visited there in nearly twenty years, for fear that it has changed.  It is the property that was once the church camp I went to as a kid, Pilgrim…

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Tree line

Hiking Through the Port Oneida Historical District

By Stacie / March 7, 2021 / Comments Off on Hiking Through the Port Oneida Historical District

Stacie Longwell Sadowski Act 1. Bayview Trail Overlook The wilderness is within walking distance… …and beyond that the calm of the lake, where the Spirit of the Lord is hovering over the face of the waters, as in Genesis 1, then more wilderness – in the form of an island. Aren’t all wildernesses islands? Ever…

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Sunrise over Lake Michigan

Beach Rocks

By Stacie / March 7, 2021 / Comments Off on Beach Rocks

Stacie Longwell Sadowski, September 1, 2012 I have a rock collection.  It is made up of the smooth beach rocks I have picked up over the years on the shores of Lake Michigan.  Every time I am there praying, I walk and pick up a rock as a reminder of that prayer and of my…

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